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We manufacture and install swing gates, aluminium sliding gates and pedestrian gates across Melbourne. Our products are built per design specifications and project requirements and gates finishing can also be customisable for extended durability, functionality and aesthetics.


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Looking for A Sliding Driveway Gate with a Difference?

Specialising in unique and modern custom metal fabrications, Environ Metal Designs is a trusted and reliable supplied of premium metal swing gates and automatic sliding gates. Melbourne is renowned for its impressive, contemporary architectural building designs, and our sophisticated and fully customisable sliding and swing gates are the perfect addition that will complement the home or building whilst providing a high level of privacy and safety. We supply one-way swing gates, driveway swing gates, and automated sliding gates that complement any entrance. Our team is here to help you achieve the result that suits your project needs and budget.

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For Architectural Aluminium Gates, Melbourne Builders and Architects Rely on Us

We collaborate with clients in the building, construction and landscaping industries to deliver innovative and inspiring gates for properties throughout Melbourne.

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Pedestrian Gates

We design, manufacture and powder coat your design of choice, including slated panels and laser cut panels available in a large range of colours and sizes to suit your residential or commercial property. A pedestrian gate can be either manual or automated and there’s a wide range of lock furniture available to choose from. Pedestrian gates can also be connected to intercom and security systems.

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Swing Gates

Double swing gates – These consist of two panels that swing on hinges fastened to supporting posts, with an opening and closing mechanism from the centre or offset. A double swing gate is recommended for wider driveway openings as they require more swing distance behind the gates, as well as heavy duty posts to support the swing mechanism. They can be automated and they can include security systems.

Single swing gates – Consisting of a single panel that swings on hinges fixed to posts with a closing mechanism on one side, a single swing gate is recommended when the available opening isn’t overly wide or when the site doesn’t allow for a double swing gate. Choose an electric swing gate or a manual design.

Bi-folding gates – Suitable when there isn’t enough room for a full swing gate. This type of gate has a unique folding system that allows the gate to open either inward or outward and does not require an overhead or ground track to fold the leaf, instead, they’re trackless. This gate system is made of two leaves that are hinged together and hung from a single post to fold up like a concertina. Bi-folding gates can be automated with intercom systems and security systems and the designs are also customisable.

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Sliding gate

Sliding Gates

Standard sliding gates – Fixed on the ground and sliding on a rail in a horizontal direction, a sliding gate is recommended for all size openings if there is enough room along the side for the gate to slide. Choose from an electric sliding gate or a manual sliding gate design.

Bi-part sliding gates – These are recommended where physical factors such as unevenness of the ground or rising driveways prevent the use of a full-length sliding gate. Featuring two panels which can slide open from the middle or can be offset, this gate system uses a track to guide movement and is generally fully automated.

Telescopic gates – This gate system opens from one side, and splits into two sections which overlap when opening. Telescopic sliding gates require roughly half the space for the equivalent single sliding gate. This system is recommended for limited side spaces and they are generally automated.

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